Hot tips for car boot success

Best sellers

Perfume, smellies, plants, childrens toys and kids clothes always sell well so take as many of these items as you can. Another great tip is to bring along some homemade breads, cakes and biscuits which sell brilliantly at car boot sales and don't take much effort or money to make. They will also attract buyers to look at your other items and make you some extra money so it's well worth the effort of a spot of baking the night before.

Safety first

Keep expensive items near you at all times. Car boot sales can be magnets for thieves so be careful and always lock your boot after you've unloaded your items.

When you first arrive be aware of people trying to view the items before you've taken everything out of the car. This is a prime time for quick hands grabbing things without you noticing. Be firm and explain that you're not ready to sell yet as you're still setting up. This is where a friend or family member comes in really handy. One of you can unload the car box by box, and the other can stay at the pitch and set up the items.

Know the law

In brief, as a one-off, car boot sales are fine and do not need to be declared as income. However, if it becomes regular, or you start selling items that aren't your own personal property it's very likely that in legal terms, you would be considered a trader.