Alternative ways to make cash from trash

If the idea of packing up all your things and lugging them around doesn't take your fancy try an online car boot sale like iBootSale where you can currently get a FREE 90 day, 25 item pitch. It works just like a real car boot sale in that you add your unwanted belongings to your pitch for others to browse through, buy and even haggle over with you.

You could also sell things on eBay. You will need to register as a buyer first of all and then click on the 'Sell' tab - there is a small fee to list items for sale. Read our full article on selling things on eBay here.

Another useful way of getting rid of unwanted goods is to post an ad on Gumtree in the 'Stuff For Sale' section. It's free and really easy to do - simply click on the 'post an ad' tab on the left, choose 'Stuff for Sale', then the category that's most applicable to your items and then fill in a few basic details (location, price, description etc). After that all you have to do is wait for people to get in touch with you.

Sell books online at Green Metropolis where all the books sold make the seller £3. It's very simple to do and you don't need to enter the books details. All you do is log on, enter the book's ISBN number (check the back of the book) and describe its condition. There's no charge for listing books, so it really is the ideal way to make money and recycle your old books.